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Research Question : What are attending doctors’ perceptions of the factors in the “workplace” (i.e. the health care setting) which significantly influence residents’ learning?
Filesize: 30.3 kB
Research Question: What is the impact of team-based learning on student Author: Greg Malin, University of Saskatchewan achievement in medical education
Filesize: 62.9 kB
Research Question: Clinical oversight: Conceptualizing the Relationship between Supervision and Safety. Reviewers: Marks MB, Varpio L, Wood TJ, Handfield-Jones R. University of Ottawa
Filesize: 13.8 kB
Research Question: The relationship between experience with standardized patient examinations and subsequent standardized patient examination performance. Reviewers: Wood TJ, Marks MB, Varpio L, Handfield-Jones R.
Filesize: 11.8 kB
Research Question: Mail versus internet surveys: Determinants of method of response preferences among health professionals. Evaluation & the Health Professionals. Reviewers: Wood TJ, Varpio L., Marks MB, Handfield-Jones R.
Filesize: 11.1 kB