"Toward a Common Understanding"

Advancing Education Scholarship for Clinical Faculty
in Canadian Medical Schools

A Position Paper - AUGUST 2012

Van Melle E, Curran V, Goldszmidt M, Lieff S, Lockyer J, St. Onge C. Toward a Common Understanding: Advancing Education Scholarship for Clinical Faculty in Canadian Medical Schools. A Position Paper. Ottawa:ON: Canadian Association for Medical Education; 2012.

Demands for evolution and transformation of medical education in Canada have never been greater. Indeed, providing leadership in developing new approaches in health professions education is emerging as a critical role for Academic Health Science Centres. As a result, there is a growing need for faculty members to focus on education scholarship as part of their academic commitment.

This position paper examines the question "What strategies are required to appropriately evaluate and support clinical faculty involved in education scholarship?" The paper begins by acknowledging that education scholarship is not a particularly well-defined or understood concept. Accordingly, a definition is provided. Also presented are six recommendations which describe key strategies required to advance education scholarship across the 17 Canadian medical schools.

This document should be required reading for those in leadership roles charged with supporting and promoting education scholarship. For those individual clinicians engaged in education scholarship this document provides important information to ensure that this critical work is appropriately acknowledged and rewarded.



CAME recognizes the importance of providing this document in both official languages. While it has been translated, the document is being reviewed to ensure that important key terms and central concepts are not lost in translation. However, we did not want to delay the launch of this position paper. As soon as it is available, the French document will be posted on the CAME website.

If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Elaine van Melle, vanmelle@queensu.ca or the CAME Office: smutschler@afmc.ca.