Annonce des lauréats des prix de recherche 2010 de L’ACÉM à la CCÉM

Prix de recherche pour la meilleure présentation d’affiche


Are Our Best Teachers More Effective-or Do They Just Sound Better?
Shaqil Peermohamed, Mike Paget, Wayne Woloschuk, Bruce Wright, Janet Tworek, Kevin McLaughlin, University of Calgary

Deuxièmes prix

The Personal, Relational and Contextual- Key Factors in the Academic Identity of Health Professional Educators
Susan Lieff, Lindsay Baker, Scott Reeves, University of Toronto, Kevin Chin, McGill University

The Influence of Being a Hospice Volunteer on Medical Students’ Attitudes and Comfort Level Regarding Death and Dying
Will Stecho, Roy Khalaf, Pat Prendergast, Ashley Geerlinks, Lorelei Lingard, Valerie Schulz, University of Western Ontario

Prix de recherche pour la meilleure présentation orale


The Agony and the Ecstacy of Continuity of Care from the Physician’s Perspective
Karen Schultz, Jonathan Kerr, Queen’s University, Dianne Delva, Dalhousie University

Deuxième prix:

POWER Teacher Evaluations- Correlation between the Length of the Form and the Average Number of Forms Filled Out
Yaw Otchere, University of Toronto

Mention honorable

Raising the Bar: Standards for the Management of Clinical Fellowships
Loreta Mahuruma, Caroline Abrahams, John Kerr, Sarita Verma, Kevin Imrie, Sue Tallett, University of Toronto